24 March 2016

Courtesy largely of the TAB’s broadcast of the NBA on its Watch&Bet world sports streaming service, as well as the popularity of the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian National Basketball League, kiwis bet more than $79 million on basketball in 2014/15, putting it in the number one spot for betting turnover, ahead of football at $67 million.

The TAB contributes a share of betting turnover and profit to each National Sporting Organisation on whose sport it takes bets. The TAB returned more than $6.1 million to New Zealand NSOs in 2014/15, providing an important revenue stream to help them grow and develop their sports.

For basketball, 2014/15 was a big year.

“We’ll receive well over $1 million from the TAB for the year, which will help us promote the game in New Zealand”, said Basketball New Zealand chief executive Iain Potter.

The results another indicator that basketball is growing in popularity here. It’s great for Kiwi basketball fans to know that their betting with the TAB ends up supporting the game in New Zealand. For instance, the TAB helped fund our national age-group tournament, and a range of gaming grants go towards grassroots level basketball across the country.

While rugby union remains the top betting choice at the TAB by total bets, with more than 70,000 TAB account customers having punt on rugby union during the year, higher value bets placed by almost 26,000 basketball fans puts the sport in top spot.


1. Basketball
2. Football
3. Rugby Union
4. Cricket
5. Rugby League
6. Tennis
7. Baseball
8. American Football
9. Netball
10. Golf
11. Darts
12. Ice Hockey

*The top 12 sports, ranked by betting turnover, at the TAB in 2014/15.

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