Fixed Odds Betting platform update

20 February 2019

In January, the TAB’s new betting website and mobile app launched, giving TAB customers a new website, mobile app and a range of new services and options that will help transform the customer experience and ultimately, the racing industry in New Zealand.

The fixed odds betting platform has been a significant advance for the industry. In the end, the implementation from the business case to launch took about 18 months and the total cost was $40.8m, made up of resources (mix of contractor and staff costs charged to the programme), infrastructure and technology costs and change and marketing costs. This is marginally more than the $38 million the NZRB Board initially approved in May 2017.

This is the biggest technology implementation in the history of the TAB. There is no doubt it is a major investment but it is one that was very carefully considered and closely managed throughout. Now that it is up and running, we remain confident it will give our customers what they expect and deliver the industry in the region of $17m - $19m in additional profit from next year.

Ongoing updates
The initial launch of the new site and app wasn’t without it’s challenges but many of the teething issues have been fixed and many more are under development.
Over recent weeks the display of scratchings, provisional results, improving the presentation of Pick 6 and the driver/jockey challenge and issues some customers had with being locked out of their account or issues with their credit card have been resolved.

There are some other issues we are working on, such as developing a permanent solution to present FOB option numbers linked to Tote meetings and race numbers and providing Trackside radio. Fortunately, the new platform does enable us to make changes and respond to customers needs with greater flexibility than ever before. The team will continue to work on these and other issues raised by our customers as we work to continually improve the customer experience.

We’ll keep you updated as issues get resolved and new services get added.

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