Jetbet moves to the Cloud

6 March 2017

For the last 30 years, the TAB’s core betting system, Jetbet, has been run out of NZRB’s Data Centre on the second floor of the National Office in Wellington. Although that location has maintained standard practice for much of that time, Jetbet became more at risk every day as data and recovery practices changed worldwide. In the last financial year, Jetbet processed 1.2 billion bets, all contributing to $2.7 billion of turnover annually. 


Moving Jetbet to a new Cloud-based infrastructure has been in our plan from the day we initiated the Optimus Programme, which is part of our IT roadmap that sees a significant modernisation of our IT services. It’s all part of the work we’re doing to develop our information technology systems that do what we need them to do, to ensure we can consistently and reliably deliver racing and betting to our customers.


So it was with a huge amount of careful planning, testing, and a team of 35 on site (NZRB, Spark and partners) and 38 on-call throughout the night, that the Data Centre was successfully moved from the Wellington office to the Revera Data Centre in Takapuna, which included completely shutting down Jetbet for almost eight hours.


This effectively puts Jetbet and its associated systems into the Cloud, meaning that runs on virtualised services that are mirrored in Revera’s Trentham Datacentre, It is no longer run on physical servers that NZRB owns and runs, but rather  across a wider server network that is much more secure and scalable in support of our growing business. To give you an idea of just how secure it is, Revera’s clients include Government and critical emergency services in a data facility that is second to none in NZ.

The Data Centre move is a three stage process, with this second stage being the most significant move to date, and among the biggest IT changes that the NZRB has undertaken in the last 30 years. Since the move, the team have been carrying out further testing and monitoring, confirming that the move has been successful.

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