US Racing Pilot

2 February 2018

A new pilot of US Racing begins this Sunday with live coverage of three US meetings on TAB Trackside TV and FOB win/place and Tote betting options on offer. The pilot is an initiative by NZRB to provide more quality racing content for our customers, help fill time on Trackside TV where there is no domestic or Australian racing available, and provide more live TV betting options to lift betting revenue.

Initially this weekend the racing will be on Sunday morning only, however as the pilot progresses the team will look to expand to more coverage over the weekend and eventually expanding to Fridays and Mondays as well. The US racing content will not take the place of any domestic racing on Trackside, with New Zealand racing still our priority for coverage.

While betting options will include both Fixed Odds (win and place) and Tote, the Tote will not be commingled meaning pools will likely be fairly small, so FOB will likely be the more popular option with the best returns to punters.

With US racing already covered by a number of online bookmakers, we are improving NZRB’s competitiveness and providing a better offering for our customers. We anticipate the introduction of US racing will provide a useful boost to betting revenue, which in turn helps us achieve our target of increased profit for distribution to the New Zealand racing industry.

Here are a few quick facts on the pilot:

Betting options

  • FOB Win & Place will be available on the day of the event, from as early in the morning as we receive a price feed from our third party supplier. We will aim for this to be at least 1 hour prior to the first race from each venue.
  • However, FOB prices can vary in getting to us from between 3+ hours before the first race through to inside the final 15 minutes before a race depending on the quality of a venue. We will aim to make this as consistent as possible for customers by meeting the above 1 hour time frame for regularity and customer experience purpose.


Content Availability

  • To start with, our pilot will take a small number of venues and races, scaling up over time

  • HD quality vision will be selected to begin with an option to select SD at a later stage subject to customer experience and other operational considerations.

  • Normal hours of operations: US venues regularly race between 6am and 2pm daily (New Zealand time)


Pilot Period

  • The pilot will run for a three-month trial period through to May 2018

  • We’ll be reviewing the pilot from both commercial and customer experience perspectives, and if successful we will look to continue providing US racing beyond this initial three months.


Contact Us

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] for any questions about internet betting, online accounts, and all other queries.